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Database Connectivity Overview

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(Server Version)

Ritmo/DB2 (Server) Std. EditionStd. Edition

Ritmo/DB2 (Server) Dev. EditionDev. Edition

(Client Version)

Ritmo/DB2 Client Std. EditionStd. Edition

Ritmo/DB2 Client Dev. EditionDev. Edition

(Mobile Version)

Ritmo/DB2 MobileMobile Edition


USA and Canada
Latin America

ADO .NET data provider for IBM DB2 - Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS : Ritmo/DB2

ADO .NET data provider for IBM DB2 - Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS : Ritmo/DB2  

.NET Connectivity
for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS

Ritmo - Family of .NET Managed Providers
The Ritmo family of products consists of .NET Managed Providers that provide access to all DB2 servers from .NET Framework-based applications, and between Windows-based mobile devices and .NET Framework-based applications. When used in conjunction with HiT Software's SafeConduct product, Ritmo products provide 256-bit encryption and digital certificate authentication.

All Ritmo products support full SQL functionality for maximum application performance including stored procedures, multiple result sets, static SQL/packages, multi-threading support. Direct connectivity architectures ensure superior performance and simplified support. Ritmo database schema support is based on the ANSI SQL92 specification.

The HiT Ritmo .NET data providers are a native fit for developers working in a .NET application development environment. The included Ritmo/DB2 Toolbox allows easy data source definition and diagnostics. Additionally, powerful trace and debugging tools help troubleshoot and optimize application performance.

New Features in Ritmo version 5!

  • Full integration with Visual Studio 2010, including backward compatibility to previous versions of Visual Studio
  • Support for Entity Framework (Ritmo v.5 for IBM DB2 LUW and mainframe only)
  • Support for .NET Framework version 4.0

Ritmo .NET  product family
Ritmo/i for IBM i Systems
Ritmo/DB2 for DB2 LUW
Ritmo .NET Mobile for Windows Mobile OS

Ritmo/DB2 : .NET data provider


  • Packaged for flexible deployment
  • High performance
  • Implement native DB2 protocols and do not require additional software installed
    on the DB2 host
  • Support for .NET Framework 4.0
  • Support for stored procedures, multiple result sets, Static SQL and packages
  • Secure data transmission when used with HiT Software's SafeConduct Server
  • Tools for data source configuration and fast diagnostics
  • Support for double-byte and Middle Eastern character sets
  • Developer Editions to help reduce development time
  • Tight integration with Visual Studio 2010, with backward compatibility to previous versions of Visual Studio
  • Integration with Microsoft Reporting Services and SQL Server
  • Support for Entity Framework (Ritmo/DB2 v.5 only)
download : includes full support during trial

Ritmo/DB2 Client
Ritmo/DB2 Client is a 100% managed Windows .NET data provider for application access to IBM LUW and mainframe platforms, including z/OS and OS/390, VSE/VM, AIX, Solaris, Linux, OS/2, and Windows. It offers the same core functionality as Ritmo/DB2 Server, but is packaged for distribution with client applications.

Ritmo/DB2 Server
Ritmo/DB2 Server runs on Windows Server platforms and is used by custom or third party product applications. Ritmo/DB2 accepts application SQL statements that more efficiently access, retrieve, and update DB2 LUW and mainframe data. Leveraging the IBM Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) protocol standard, Ritmo/DB2 (.NET provider for DB2 or for mainframe) uses native IBM server programs and does not require any additional DB2 server software. Ritmo/DB2 supports all Windows 32/64-bit platforms including Windows Vista/2008/2000/NT/XP.

For maximum application performance, Ritmo/DB2 (.NET provider for IBM DB2 LUW and mainframe) supports full SQL functionality (including stored procedures, multiple result sets, bulk inserts, and connecting pooling) as well as data compression. Multi-threading support ensures scalability for applications. Ritmo/DB2 communicates over TCP/IP connections.

Developer Editions
Developer Editions for both the Client and the Server versions can drastically cut .NET application development time by providing developers with working C# samples that demonstrate how to make connections, then query and update DB2 tables, execute stored procedures and display results. Ritmo Developer Editions support Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, with backward compatibility to previous versions of Visual Studio. Ritmo v.5 (DB2 LUW/zOS version) provides support for Entity Framework.

Ritmo/DB2 Developer Edition is available for both Client and Server versions of the Ritmo provider. Ritmo/DB2 Developer Edition includes the core Ritmo/DB2 functionality and is fully integrated with Visual Studio 2010, 2008 and 2005, enabling developers to quickly build forms and reports that communicate with DB2LUW and mainframe servers to access, retrieve, and update data. Additionally, the Developer Edition includes Visual Studio .NET integration via designers and wizards, plus a C# Toolkit with source code and integration with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to generate reports or import DB2 data into SQL Server. Users can select Ritmo as a data source from within Reporting Services, to connect to IBM DB2.

Key Features   Benefits
ADO.NET compliance   Latest tools accessibility
Support for Visual Studio 2010   Development performance
Stored procedures and multiple result sets
  Fast data access
Multi-threading support   Performance and scalability
Multiple DB2 server version support   Flexible deployment
Trace tools   Fast diagnostics
TCP/IP or SNA connectivity support   Common network transport
Double-byte and Middle Eastern
language support
  International DB2 server access
DRDA Native protocol support
  Server Stability
Complete set of data types supported
and documented
  Seamless translation between EBCDIC and
ANSI character sets
Ritmo/DB2 toolbox   Data source and trace management
C# Toolkit (included with Developer Editions)   Development time reduced


Data Types
In rowsets and as parameter values, Ritmo/DB2 maps DB2 data types to .NET-defined data types. The following DB2 data types are supported:

System Requirements:
    HiT Ritmo/DB2
(installed on client operating systems)
  HiT Ritmo/DB2 Server
(installed on server operating systems)

  Windows 32 and 64-bit client platforms
Microsoft Data Access Components
  (MDAC) v2.5 or higher
  Windows 32 and 64-bit server platforms
12Mb Disk Space
Network card operable with network
TCP/IP or APPC connection to the
  Support for TCP/IP network protocol
DB2 Server Requirements   DB2 LUW: DB2 v5 or later
DB2 for zOS/OS390: DB2 for OS/390 v5 or later

download : includes full support during trial

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