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data replication, sychronization and integration for DB2, Oracle and SQL Server data 
                replication, data migration, data transformation, and database synchronication for DB2, Oracle and SQL Server

            heterogenous Data Replication and Change Data Capture

DBMoto 7 brings major advances in data integration to enterprises that require Change Data Capture across multiple databases, transaction-log reading, open APIs to embed DBMoto into applications and systems, synchronization across more than two databases, remote administration, advanced security options and an easy way to monitor and compare replication results.

DBMoto 7 Features

DBMoto Data Replication and Transformation : Main PanelMulti-Server Capabilities
• Based on the success of DBMoto’s ability to synchronize data between two databases, the new version includes enhancements to synchronize data between multiple data sources.
• DBMoto 7 offers proven support for replication between database clusters such as Oracle RAC, and successful operation within a Microsoft Windows cluster environment.
• Significant new server capabilities enable remote administrative control of DBMoto from any selected location, or multiple locations.

Build DBMoto into your Applications or Infrastructure
• DBMoto 7 now offers sets of open APIs to easily embed its leading Change Data Capture technology into applications, interfaces and systems.

Replication Activity Viewer
• DBMoto 7 now offers a built-in system to monitor status of replication activity your systems in

DBMoto Data Replication and Transformation : Server Screen ShotIncreased Security for Data Management
• DBMoto administrators can use DBMoto security or Microsoft Windows Integrated Security to manage multi-user access on functional-level operations.
• DBMoto 7 offers new flexible options for managing and filtering access to tables in source and target databases.
• Enhancements to metadata management provide support for backup/recovery operations, disaster recovery plans, data migration and ease of updates/reinstalls.

DBMoto Data Replication and Transformation : DBVerifierData Verifier
• The new DBMoto Verifier™ feature allows users to compare and manage data before and after replication for increased accuracy in the design and configuration of replications.
• A new data assessment feature provides the ability to export changed data to a log table, and subsequently to a file format of choice.


Increased Database Support for Transactional Data Replication
• DBMoto 7 adds Change Data Capture and transaction log-based support for IBM DB2 LUW and IBM Informix databases.
• Increasing its list of supported databases, HiT Software adds support for snapshot replication and Change Data Capture for Netezza data warehouse appliances (as a target), from any major database including IBM DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. see product details on DBMoto for Netezza).
• Additional features include support for DB2 for IBM i minimized journal entries, and support for the XML data type in various databases.

Customizable GUI
• The new DBMoto Management Center sports a dynamic, configurable GUI for easy customization by each user. Wizards and functionality remain intact, with additional navigational options for ease-of-use.


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