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DBMoto Cloud G Edition
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data replication, sychronization and integration for DB2, Oracle and SQL Serverdata replication, data migration, data transformation, and database synchronication for DB2, Oracle and SQL Server

DBMoto Cloud G Edition  

DBMoto Data Replication
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Many corporations look to web-based applications to support the needs of disconnected and remote users and business partners. Both standardized and custom applications are built with web front-ends and enterprise functionality, such as CRM, ERP or other business application needs. In some cases, corporations are moving to custom web applications that are built on systems designed to support high data growth, such as the Google® App Engine™ Datastore with its elasticity and data flexibility.

However, corporate applications are only as good as the data within them, and in many cases, data needs to be merged from disparate parts of the company for an accurate and real-time view of business. While the organization may use Google App Engine™ Datastore for the storage of its CRM transaction data for example, it still will need to combine the Datastore data with corporate data from finance and sales to get a full picture of the customer. Data Replication with Change Data Capture is the best solution to merge disparate data for reporting, analytics and operational data management across an enterprise.

DBMoto® Cloud G Edition™ offers a special solution to replicate data between corporate systems such as IBM DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, MySQL and Sybase and the Google App Engine™ Datastore. Moving or sharing data between remote, disconnected data sets to support real-time reporting, analytics or operational functions can be difficult and time-consuming. Rather than using laborious methods of full-copy refreshes across slow lines, DBMoto Cloud G Edition applies Change Data Capture to make fast, efficient data updates between source and target data sets.

DBMoto® Cloud G Edition™ performs Change Data Capture operations between relational databases and Google App Engine™ Datastore via the Cloud. For optimal performance, the DBMoto Cloud G Edition product is designed to capture changes in a source database and propagate those changes to a target system. Initially, it is typically necessary to generate a snapshot of the tables involved at the source system and update the target system with the entire set of captured data.

DBMoto Cloud G Edition Professional Services

DBMoto Cloud G Edition provides the same proven and reliable technology as DBMoto® Data Replication and Change Data Capture to manage data updates and data sharing – with the added bonus of being able to transmit relational data from source to target using the Cloud. Change Data Capture, which significantly minimizes the amount of data movement for data updates, is fully available for the supported databases, and can now be used to update remote data behind firewalls.

DBMoto Cloud G Edition consists of:

  • DBMoto® Data Replication and Change Data Capture software
  • DBMoto Cloud G Edition Components which include DBMoto GBroker, GBrokerConfigurator and Google App Engine™ Servlet
  • DBMoto Cloud G Edition User Guide

DBMoto Cloud G Edition Features:

  • Data replication between source databases and Google App Engine™ Datastore, using DBMoto GBroker and Google App Engine™ Servlet for data transfer
  • Change Data Capture technology – to minimize data traffic between source and target databases
  • Support for real-time (in addition to batch) data access and movement
  • Support for any size data set
  • The ability to read source database transaction logs (to streamline data access)
  • The ability to synchronize data transactions that happen both in the relational database and in the Google App Engine™ Datastore
  • Support for multiple relational databases
  • Support for relational databases running on any platform
  • Powerful, easy-to-use administrative Wizards

DBMoto Solutions offer real-time data replication and change data capture with:

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Heterogeneous Database Support
  • Interoperability with Legacy Systems
  • Accelerated implementation/faster time to market
  • Non-proprietary and standards-based architecture
  • High reliability and proven performance
  • Responsive, expert technical support
  • 32-bit and 64-bit support
  • Very small footprint

DBMoto Data Replication
Full Support
during Trial Period

DBMoto Cloud G Edition replicates data between Google App Engine™ Datatore and all major database platforms such as IBM DB2 (including i/System i/iSeries/AS400, AIX, Linux, Windows, and z/OS), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere, MySQL, IBM Informix, Ingres, PostgreSQL and Gupta Technologies SQLBase. In Refresh (Snapshot) Mode, DBMoto Cloud G Edition reads data and writes the result on the target system. In Mirroring Mode, DBMoto Cloud G Edition performs one-way and bi-directional mirroring with CDC to synchronize data between local relational databases and Google® Datastore data.

DBMoto Cloud G Edition provides data replication and Change Data Capture between corporate databases and Google App Engine Datastore.

Key Features   Benefits
Real time mirroring based on transaction
log activity
  Better user decision support
Full refresh replication   Easy, instant data delivery
Mirroring mode (Change Data Capture)
  Keeps two or more data sets in sync --
Database stability maintained
Administrative Wizards   Fast, easy configuration and setup
Data Mirroring   Accurate data across platforms
Remote accessibility of Management
Center console
  Convenient administration
Extensive log reporting and accessibility   Audit tool for data analysis
User-friendly graphical interface and
  Short learning curve
Replication Grouping
  Reduces connectivity and traffic time
between source and target

DBMoto Data Replication
Full Support
during Trial Period

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