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DBMoto for HP Vertica
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data replication, sychronization and integration for DB2, Oracle and SQL Server data replication, data 
                 migration, data transformation, and database synchronication for DB2, Oracle and SQL Server

DBMoto for HP Vertica
Data Replication and Change Data Capture for High-Performance Analytics for Big Data

The HP Vertica high-performance analytical database provides a cost-effective and powerful solution for Big Data analytics. DBMoto is now optimized to work with HP Vertica, giving HP Vertica users a fast-track to loading, updating and automatically keeping data current in HP Vertica. Having the freshest data is key to the best decisioning. Rely on the best Data Replication and Change Data Capture product to update and maintain your important data!

  • Load data to HP® Vertica™ from any major relational database source
  • Automatically update HP Vertica data in real-time from changes made on the source database
  • Faster data updates mean faster analytics and up-to-date reporting
  • Empower critical analysis, business intelligence and decision-making with the freshest data
  • Apply analytics faster to Big Data

DBMoto version 8 supports the HP Vertica™ analytical database through built-in capabilities that provide seamless data loading and data mirroring to HP Vertica targets. Whether you need to deploy a new HP Vertica system, or migrate from a separate database, DBMoto can help make data replication a quick and easy task.

DBMoto is the solution of choice for fast, trouble-free, easy-to-maintain data integration and data replication projects. If you depend on data from multiple databases, you need a data replication solution that supports major relational database systems, and that works out-of-the-box. Using an efficient visual interface, intuitive wizards and easy-to-follow guides, DBMoto helps IT staff implement the toughest replication requirements quickly and easily. DBMoto is mature and approved by enterprises ranging from midsized to Fortune 1000 businesses worldwide.

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Real-Time Data Replication and Change Data Capture

DBMoto is specifically designed to replicate data from relational databases to HP Vertica in the following ways:

  • Refresh mode: DBMoto reads the data set, applies administrator-defined mapping rules, and writes the entire result to HP Vertica.
  • Mirroring mode: One-way replication from source to HP Vertica, using Change Data Capture (CDC) and transaction log management.
DBMoto's Management Center GUI console includes features to easily:
  • Identify and connect to multiple source databases, with HP Vertica as a target
  • Create target tables
  • Manage and control access to replication configurations
  • Set up replication processes and group them for efficient execution
  • Store replication mapping and rules in a metadata database
  • View real-time information on replication status
  • Record replication activity, performance, and errors into logs, providing a quick method
    to spot and manage errors

Powerful, Flexible, Configurable, Change Data Capture!

DBMoto does not require any programming on the source or target database platforms in order to deploy or run its powerful data integration features.
DBMoto provides all functionality in easy GUI and wizard-based screens: no stored procedures to develop; and no proprietary syntax to learn.

DBMoto for HP Vertica: Management Center

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Unmatched Replication and Transformation Control

With DBMoto, users define data replication and transformations by applying built-in mapping and customized business rules

Business rules can be applied through scripts, which are used to filter data or to add business logic to a replication. They are generally implemented through automatically-generated events during a DBMoto replication. Scripting can perform source/target table lookups, append log activity, and update target tables. DBMoto also includes a powerful expression generator for interactive data transformation.

DBMoto for HP Vertica: Replication Wizard

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Key Features

Database Support

  • Support for all major databases as sources: IBM DB2 (including IBM i/AS400, z/OS, Linux, AIX, Windows), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, SQL Anywhere, Ingres, IBM Informix, Gupta Technologies SQLBase, PostgreSQL and MS Access
  • Support for HP Vertica analytical database as target
  • Support for IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances
  • Support for database cluster environment
  • Support for data replication in Cloud environments, including Google App Engine™ Datastore and for disconnected databases
  • Open APIs to integrate DBMoto into corporate architectures, or into third-party solutions

Replication Support

  • Replication modes: Refresh (snapshot), Mirroring (change data capture)
  • Automatic creation of target tables
  • Extensive log reporting and accessibility
  • Powerful visual tool to provide information on replication status and errors
  • DBMoto Verifier¯™ tool to easily compare and reconcile replication results for accuracy and auditing
  • Support for extended data types, such as XML
  • Built-in transformation functions, with custom functions definable at any time

User Support

  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Administrative wizards for fast, easy configuration and setup
  • Configuration and management of entire replication process through one or many DBMoto Management Center console(s) on Windows platform
  • Remote administration of DBMoto Replicator through Management Center
  • Customizable via Microsoft VB.NET scripting and event driven environment
  • Extensive Security including user and certificate authentication via TCP/IP and HTTP
  • No programming needed on source or target database platforms
  • Source table access via standard .NET data provider protocol

Databases Supported as Sources for Mirroring Mode
IBM DB2 for i and AS400 V3R3 and later
IBM DB2 for z/OS (OS/390) v5 and later
IBM DB2 for Windows v5 and later
IBM DB2 for AIX, Linux, HP/UX, Solaris v5 and later
IBM Informix
Oracle v8 and later
Microsoft SQL Server v6.5 and later
Gupta Technologies SQLBase
MySQL v5.1.31 and later (Previous versions are trigger-based)
Sybase ASE v12.50 and later
Sybase SQL Anywhere

Databases Supported as Sources for Refresh Mode
IBM DB2 for i and AS400 V3R2 and later
IBM DB2 for z/OS (OS/390) v5 and later
IBM DB2 for Windows v5 and later
IBM DB2 for AIX, Linux, HP/UX, Solaris v5 and later
IBM Informix
Oracle v8 and later
Microsoft SQL Server v6.5 and later
MySQL v3.23 and later
IBM Netezza
Sybase ASE v12.50 and later
SQL Anywhere
Ingres 2006
Gupta Technologies SQLBase Server v8.5.0 and later
MS Access 97 and later

Requirements For Systems Running DBMoto:
Windows Server 2012/2008/2003
Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or higher

Data Provider Requirements:
.NET Provider for HP Vertica
(download here:

DBMoto Data Replication
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