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Oregon Health Systems Depends on DBMoto Data Integration to Reduce Costs, Improve Data Access
Vertigo Group Solution Utilizes DBMoto Data Replication Between MySQL and IBM Databases for Critical Healthcare Managed Care Program

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 21, 2009-HiT SoftwareŽ, Inc., a leader in data integration and replication, today announced its DBMoto T data integration solution has reduced cost and streamlined data accessibility at Oregon Health Systems (OHS), a leading managed care organization. With a provider network of approximately 1500 physicians, OHS' sophisticated medical management system serves thousands of workers in its region.

"Healthcare organizations are increasingly demanding IT technology that reduces administrative time and gives them finer control over critical data for patients and providers," said Giacomo Lorenzin, CEO, HiT Software. "The Vertigo Group solution takes full advantage of our data replication technology to meet OHS' requirements in their mixed database environment. In fact, DBMoto is ideal for organizations including hospitals, care services, HMOs and insurers, where multiple disparate databases are in use, and data needs to be quickly integrated and correlated."

According to Ryan Hopman, Systems Integrator and Consultant, Vertigo Group LLC, "OHS faced a common situation where they had to integrate data from various formats and databases. As a management service, they needed the ability to see data holistically for optimized treatment and physician recommendations, as well as track the patient history. Using HiT Software's DBMoto data replication capabilities, we were able to quickly and easily integrate data from MySQL, IBM and other systems in our solution for OHS, as well as reduce our development time. OHS now has a reliable solution that can scale to fit their growth and expansion plans."

OHS, as an independent managed care organization (MCO) of physician and clinical treatment for occupational injuries and illness, is responsible for managing the patient history from enrollment through resolution, identifying key events and communicating on a regular basis with physicians and claims adjusters. First certified in limited areas in 1991, OHS now offers services to workers throughout the entire state of Oregon. It is the only MCO certified for the entire state. OHS also offers managed care services in Montana as Montana Health Systems, and other case management and cost containment services in several other western states.

MCOs are utilized by workers' compensation insurers and self-insured employers to provide injured workers appropriate, cost-effective medical treatment and disability management, and to ensure the claims process and medical care are moving forward. Oregon Health Systems requires the ability to integrate patient, insurance, treatment and disability information in their process of overseeing worker care.

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